For want of a better title: Strikes, Guns and Balls

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Strikes, Guns and Balls

Bob the bobbing head

Hello my beloved readers (if there are any). It's been a nice week so far for this little wabbit. Hanging out with the Lady Love's little brothers was fun. I also discovered something about my lady love. She likes to play games that this little bunny used to play when he was a wee lad. Yes my good friends... Bowling and Counter Strike.

I started bowling when I was 13. My dad was an avid bowler in his younger days, so we always went bowling. I remember taking classes for it too. So I picked up proper form and technique. My only problem was that I was too eager to get rid of the pall (12 pounds is heavy for a kid). Dad was always behind giving instructions like a good father and of course it's very pressurising. So if I ever become a pro bowler, dad is not going to be there. Heh... Oh and in the Army I was course mates with a national under-21 bowler, so he helped me pick out a ball and shoes, and this bunny became a serious amatuer bowler. (well as serious as this wabbit can ever be) And in the US I picked up another ball. So I have a 14 pound Beast, which is a straight ball and hook a little at the end. My 16 pound Bastard is a ball that I use to smash all the pins down. The two balls have never met, but when I come home, I hope they like each other.

We also played CS. I forgot that there's a rule about 16 and under playing on school days before 6.30pm. So the poor boys, who are not studying here anyway, could not play until late in the night. They're pretty good at it. Unlike me. I've always been bad at it. I also hate the sit around and wait kind of teams. Just chiong the hell out of them. People are so worried about money and stats that they forget even if we die chionging, we can actually take them. I should play new maps though. It was fun killing my lady love several times from the back. Heh... Wonder if it is a reflection of our relationship. Nah...

Heh... so now i have to hook her on bowling. At least there I have a much better head start on her. Plus she's uber competitive, so at least I can give her a run for her money. She always complains I offer no competition when we play games she picks. =P heh... Although I think we're evenly matched at pool. At least the one time we played she won by one ball. Heh... Must introduce her to cricket or something... Oh tennis, but she'll be much better than me for sure. I haven't played since 12.

I hope you like the picture of Bob. He sits on the car's dashboard and nods his head. It seems either he's always enjoying the music or he's agreeing with what I say. Bob is a really cool guy. He just sits there and chill. Nothing to it. No worries, no cares and he even has a little friend who sits there quietly and does absolutely nothing. Oh friends like that...

Have a good weekend my lovelies. =P


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