For want of a better title: To Build a Better Mousetrap

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Monday, July 11, 2005

To Build a Better Mousetrap

So today I had the pleasure of going out with friend, who I will name hesitant shopper (HS). It's really funnyhow you really want something, but you're shy about buying it, or you keep thinking it's too expensive. I'm guilty of it too. But HS was really funny about it. We walked into the store twice, SMSed another mutual friend, who I will name SMS Friend (SF) about getting it, and eventually decided that she would get it with SF without me. Something about male company and not quite being the same. =P

Watched months old SNL tonight. Boring... I really pity TV watchers here (like my sis). Everything is old and local dramas can sometimes be so trite and similar. So sad indeed... One more reason to think about coming home. I need Adult Swim on Cartoon Network and Comedy Central. Oh and Sci-Fi Channel and Tech TV. I miss South Park and the all new Family Guy. Aaarrrrggggghhhh...

Oh well sticking to my books. Heh... Philosophy to dull the senses and befuddle the mind. Was talking to a friend today and tell her that having a BA means that now I'm a certified fool. My Masters would make me a Master Fool. Heh... It's just a piece of paper. I'm no smarter than you or anybody else. (well ok, it's arguable, there are zombies out there). I just like getting a PhD so when anybody asks: "Is there a Doctor in the house?" I can say:"Yes but I don't save lifes, I just confuse them."

Also talked to my goodsis about teaching. Heh... I realise I can be very sadistic, so those of you going to poly in about two years should keep a look out for the sadistic lecturer. Pop quizzes for the entire class if anyone sleeps, SMS, or talks in class. A D-grade will be like 170/300. Heh... And a C-grade would be 200/300, a B-grade would be 250/300 and an A-grade will be 270/300. Heh... Of course I am sure the head of department will ask me to revise my grade scheme.

Alright got to go now and pretend to grade some papers and build myself a better mousetrap for those poor kids.

Ah... July 10th... a day to remember.


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