For want of a better title: Top 10 on 10

For want of a better title

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Top 10 on 10

Hello my lovely readers. I hope ed's post didn't get too many of you down. =P I'm back in the writing seat so no more sappy stuff. I was looking at the Google Zeitgeist and it's very interesting that most users come from the US. It almost seems like either the rest of the world versus the US is much smaller or each country's search isn't counted into the google zeitgeist. This week's top 10 searches are:

1. hurricane dennis
2. noaa
3. elly monaco
4. tour de france
5. national hurricane center
6. weather channel
7. lil kim
8. fantastic four
9. london
10. jessica alba

Their monthly lists have not been updated but it's good to know that the of the top 5 tv shows searches I watch 3 (no square pants or singers for me).

1. american idol
2. family guy
3. simpsons
4. south park
5. spongebob squarepants

It's interesting to see what people are searching for. Yahoo Singapore used to have one for just Singapore, but no more. Alas... otherwise I get to poke fun at what my fellow citizens are doing.

Blog con is so close you can taste the anticipation in the air. So I guess I should do my bit and stick up the banner. I feel like some super star is coming and I'm holding a banner saying:"I'll always love you!"

How's that? Heh...

I hope there's good snacks at the convention. Every convention needs good snacks like curry puffs and snadwiches. Did you hear me organisers? This wabbit demands good snacks. He's only going to check hot women out (if any are there) (ed: no he won't) and eat food. Lots and lots of food. Muahahahahaha... I also want a t-shirt so maybe I should go line up at 12 noon or something. =P ONLY 150?!? Wish the organisers were richer. Heh... Should've set up a Paypal system and taken orders. But I understand though. Too much of a hassle and most of them are working.

I've also noticed that as we get closer the organisers have slowed down in their blogging. You guys put in so much work. So here's my challenge to all the little bloggers going. Let's bring them presents! Yay! Little presents. Big presents. Weird presents. Silly present. Scary presents. Naughty presents. Hand made presents. =P

Also lets go to google and keep typing singapore blog con and see if it makes next week's list. Off to go do that now. 100 clicks to go... =P


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