For want of a better title: Villages and Delays

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Monday, July 11, 2005

Villages and Delays

This morning pissed me off. It started off good. But I got home and discovered despite having two printers, we're entirely out of ink. And this throws my plan off. So I'm now not leaving until 12 August 2005. Heh... Alot more time to sit around in Singapore. Heh... Filling up the forms can be very tricky. Like countries I've been to in the past 10 years. I dunno. Can't remember. So I just had to think real hard and wrote them down.

i realise I go to Malaysia quite a bit. Never to Johor though. That's like going to Tijuana. Tioman is like Cancun, KL like Mexico City and Penang, well Penang is special. You go there for the food. I remember once I went there for a wedding. i was introduced to teh-peng. heh... Funny how the two folks getting married met in NUS Law, but were both from Penang. Best part was they lived two or three streets apart and didn't know until they first went up to Penang as a couple. heh... They probably passed each other a dozen times a week for years without knowing it. So strange. That was also when I coined the phrase "kor-cle" and "jie-ty" heh. I was 11. They weren't quite kor or uncle, jie or aunty, so I guess my genius of a mind (who is still on holiday in the Carribean) made this up (know you know why we had to let him go on "holiday").

Talking about holidays and beaches I remembered going to Tioman once and getting stuck in a 36 hour black out. It was actually fun. The local sundry shop became the hub with their generator. Went out to the beach after the rain had stopped. Relaxed and talked to friends. You could obviously tell the highly wound up folks from happy-go-lucky folks like me. Some people were complaining about the heat or yelling at management for power. I figured the power lines got cut and management confirmed my hypothesis. so we sat in the dark, under starlight and moonlight. Quite romantic until one of my female friends started hollering from her hut. We ran to her hut and she was yelling about a cockroach. So armed with cellphone lights (this was back in the old days of 2004, when phones weren't equipped with powerful lights){I love my new phone} we tried to kill a cockroach in the dark. Not very successful, and she refused to sleep in her hut for the night. heh... Silly cockroach.

Last time I went to Tioman before 2004 was when I was 8. Yes 1988. We went fishing. I remember seeing flying fishes hit the boat. I also remember showering outside in a little shower hut. Heh... and shitting in an outhouse with no flush. Those were good times. I think my appreciation for rural life comes from my youth. I remember living in my first maid's village somewhere in the Philippines. Feeding chickens and hanging out with her nephews and nieces. I'm glad my parents always made sure to expose me to kampung life. That's why i love the rural life quite a bit. The slow pace, the relaxing, the lazing about... Heh... It may also contribute to me being so lazy.

Talking about little villages. Been to Holland Village a few more times. Honestly I like Siglap more. More relaxed and so much more sea breeze. But I will say that Holland V is better to pretend that the street is your grandfather's road. At Siglap the buses will show you quickly whose road it is. Sad to learn that Joo Chiat has gone to the dogs... Oh well... I guess my traitor of a dog would like the place. I still cannot he'd betray me for a little girl time. Human girl too... Talking about Holland Road I think i read once that the road was named after a Mr Holland. This helped confirm my suspicions all along. Firstly Singapore never had a large Dutch population since the English would never have allowed too many Dutch (their rivals) into Singapore. And why would the British name the damn place after the very folks they were trying to run out of business.

Heh... Ok need to get stuff done. =P Must be done by 5.30pm.


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