For want of a better title: August 2005

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

In the Hood

I'd like to address something very near and dear to my heart {hi honey} and it's got nothing to do with my love life (although that is indeed near and dear to my heart) (ed: Yeah. You better say that!)

Anyway I have observed that too many of my young fellow Singaporeans use ghetto slang. HELLO!!! You do not have the right do use ghetto slang. See VH1's new series on race. There's an episode called "Dude, Where's my ghetto pass?" You need a ghetto pass before you start calling everyone nigga. Don't go down that road my fellow chinks. Have you even been to the ghettoes? Most ghetto folk can't wait to get out of the ghetto.

I've been in ghettoes. Never alone mind you and never at dark. I had to go to Fedex which so happens to be in the ghetto in DC and it was dusk (evening for you dumb f**ks) (ed: Be nice now), and I was nervous as hell. I'm as chinky as it gets and I definetely do not have a ghetto pass. I mean most asians are seen as closer to the whites than blacks. Well I guess the bengs and their rice rockets here do sometimes qualify as ghetto positive. (yes surprisingly bengs here listen to hip hop and rap not techno, the geeks listen to techno here... funny). I swear I want to get out of the ghetto as fast as I can. It isn't my world.

I don't think HDB estates count as the projects or the hood. No way. You walk in Toa Payoh at night and you're like, "man it's hot, I need to go home"... You walk in the hood like East St Louis at night... and you're like, "f**k I sure as hell hope i don't see another shoot out or drug deal." We had to pay a crack dealer to stop pushing us crack and give us directions. It wasn't exactly the best time to be had.

So think carefully. Don't just use terms when you don't understand the significance of them. You have to earn you're right to be ghetto-licious. Eminem has it, Timberlake lost his. And trust me if you go to Harlem and start nigga this nigga that, you will end up DEAD!

So spare a thought. If you didn't have to worry about gunshots every day and crack pushers and gangs who would shoot on sight, then don't use those terms. You're not gangsta at all, you're just a wannabe no different that the people who think that because I speak with an accent I'm a poser too. Speak singlish if you must, or good english or whatever accent you have, use slangs that are yours, that you grew up with. Singlish has so many good terms. My black friend was amazed at our codes as well. And I kept it toned down around him.

So please no more nigga and stuff like that... It just ain't cool. Like the guy on the program said "once white people start using it, it just isn't cool anymore."

Conflict, Military Intervention and Nation Building

Last night I went to class and dealt with the first class in that course. Interesting as always to see how modern nations deal with the issues of conflict, intervention and nation building.

Similiarly, I think many of the root causes of national conflict can be found in personal conflicts to. History, grudges, actions that to one seem pretty ok, but to another is insulting. Clash of values, opinions, characters. All sources of conflict between nations and peoples. But 85% of all conflicts are internal, and similiarly we face internal conflicts daily. Our conscience wrestles with our greed. Or differing voices jockey for the dominant say (ed: hello).

Intervention... Now that's tricky. Usually when two people argue, close friends or those who would be affected by it intervene. Sometimes we choose not to intervene and let them "sort it out" It happens on the world stage too, like Sudan. Or we try to get them to talk to each other. Sometimes we enforce the peace, like when a mom has to be there to prevent her two kids from going to war. And sometimes we need to just use brute force to hold down both sides, like when we try to break up a fight by holding both parties back. Yeah sometimes we get punched up by it too, but it happens between nations as well. Or there's preemptive intervention, which under international law is ok, you know, like we think two friends may be heading for a confrontation and we head it off. Now preventive intervention... I dunno... it's iffy in international law and iffy in personal relationships. If we think they're heading for disaster in 10 years, we can't quite go in there and say, "you folks are going to get into big trouble in 15 years so we should step in now to solve it."

Building relationships or rebuilding them. Those are the hardest. Nations have a problem with that when they intervene and so do people. Where do we leave and let them sort it out? Do we send them to a relationship course to help them? Do we just tell them to let sleeping dogs lie? Hard to say... The most important part is also the touchy feely part... Hard to determine where to go and hard to figure out when we should stop interfering and let them deal with it themselves.

So much is the same and so much is different when we take macro ideas and bring them to the micro level. The complexities remain the same... Sigh...

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Dot Dot Dot

Did Kenny Sia get hacked into? OMG... I believe someone changed his page. Unless it's Kenny being silly, but I dunno... With all the hackings recently and all the EVIL people out there... Hmmmm...

Also I guess Miggie moved... Yes Mr Miyagi has decided to go sophisticated on us. I blame the people he hangs out with, all the techno-geeks out there... Influencing him... Now he has his own dedicated server... WHY?!? Why am I all alone? {hi honey!} Why am I talking to myself? Why am I asking so many why questions? When will this whole nonsensical question chain end? When?!?!

Living all alone in a sparsely furnished 1050 square foot apartment is kinda creepy at times... Plus my neighbours upstairs make alot of noise. They are either supremely heavy or drop shite alot. I mean I keep hearing thuds... Creepy...

Poor Kenny I hope your site wasn't hacked...

Onds Ef Ehe Tarth

So I just watched Justice League on Cartoon Network. Here are a few things I think are kind of funny about American cable viewing.

As I was watching justice league at 10.30pm Eastern, there was a commerical for Life Insurance for people between the ages of 45 to 75. Here it doesn't make sense to me. At 10.30pm most kids are asleep getting ready for school the next day. So parents wouldn't be watching it with their kids. Teens may be watching it, but that usually means that parents aren't around. I suppose "young adults" my age watch it (ME! ME!) but we're still under 45... Very small audience really.

Also I think commercials here are funny. The Bacardi one is amusing. The Red Stripe commercial is so laid back, just as you would expect the Jamaicans would be. Sam Adams' commercial was by far better than Carlsberg's commercial (I've spoken about this biatch, go check it out) The commercial was that Sam Adams Light won some beer award in Germany... and there wasn't a light beer category. I mean that's like saying you're the best without coming out and saying it. Now that's good.

Talking about alcohol, people complain about the high alcohol tax, but it's still lower than Singpoopoo. So I'm drinking up. Heh... More beer all around...

Also Family Guy, Simpsons and all the more adult cartoons are great. I'm going to miss them all when I move back to Singapore for good. All so sanitised in Singapoop. Nothing funny there. It seems like even humor is toned down. So sad...

Looking forward to school. You know fun fun fun... Nice to know that you're in the 8th best school in the country. Heh... It was hard to tell, considering that until this year there wasn't a definitive list of good International Affairs graduate programs.

Well off to shower and bed. Nice to be back to a life that i'm used to. The heat is like Singapore, but the TV and News is way better. =P

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Crossing the street with both eyes closed

So I wandered unto campus today. Wow... Some getting used to. I mean it's so different from Wash U, but somehow AU is like Wash U.

You know you walk in and you've got these kids in the Quad (I think every school has one) playing Ultimate Frisbee. And they're getting everybody else involved in their game.

You've got the banking representatives creeping everywhere trying to get you to open student Checking with them.

You've got kids moving in with their parents. You know you can tell the upperclassmen from the frosh.

Yeah the kids with the maps and parents in tow... Those are the Frosh. Upperclassmen tend to move in with just themselves and friends.

You've got the I-think-i'm-hotstuff, east coast prep school kids with their popped up collars. You've got the jocks. You've got the beer guzzling fraternity guys. You've got the rich bitches. You've got the overly-sweet-but-secretly-evil sorority girls. The pretentious kids. The i-think-i'm-smarter-than-the-whole-world kids. And me. The graduate student.

Grad students kind of fall into their own little categories too. You've got the show-off law students, the artsy-fartsy drama and dance ones, the uber-nerdy science ones, and then you have all the rest who fall in the middle. Yeah... Being a grad student means you meld into this strange creature. You're equally lost, but not at all. All your undergrad experience from you old school comes in handy, but you're still new and lost. It's kinda like leaving your mama (Alma Mater, geddit? Plebs!) and going to live with your aunt. Same but not same.

I wonder what kind of aunt this is going to be. Books are still as expensive as always. Which is a bitch and a half. (yes. half a bitch... those are the worst kinds... They get you in the nuts, because they're so small),

Funny how you have to pick up all this new lingo. New codewords and new shite. The difference is that you're a grad student. So you don't go through the whole ra-ra (Residential Assistant/Advisor creepily is also RA-RA) phase. Nope... I jump straight into the program. Starting with having to read some crap about ICANN (which really can't but who cares). yup, they rule the internet (sort of, or so they hope). Actually they control the domain names. Yup! All the domain names are belong to them.

Tempted to go in Polo and shorts, but I think I should dress up just in case... And if need be I can dress down if I'm up as opposed to up if I'm down. (If anyone made sense of that send me and email, $5 and a self-addressed stamped envelope)

The bookstore is crappier than Wash U's one. But same prices (thank you efollett you evil evil empire of books) And all the services pale by comparison. Wash U really really takes care of you (or it could be that I'm a grad student). I wonder if my department has graduate happy hour like they do at Wash U (graduate that is, undergrads are underaged and hence cannot be happy for an hour).

Campus is much smaller and all my classes are confined to one building. That's cool. No more running around all over the freaking place. Just one class on Mondays and two on wednesdays... Are the slow stroll at night... Heh... Night classes, I need to TA or RA for a professor before I go nuts with nothing to do. =P

Alright off to shower and hit the sack... I have to be up at 7.30am tomorrow (crazy orientation, I mean what self-respecting grad student would be up before 10?!?)

My New Modern Burrow

Yeah I know I've been putting this off, but I've been lazy. Not busy. Just lazy. (truth!)

So here's some pics of my place. Hope you like it. My new modern burrow. So much bigger than the old one. I'm moving on up...

Heh =P


Toilet Paper!


Hallway Closet

My Expensive TV


Dining Table

My Bed


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Malaysian Kopitiam VS Penang

Heh... For those not in the know there are two Malaysian restaurants in DC, as far as I know. One is Malaysian Kopitiam on M Street NW, between 18th and 19th, and the other is Penang on 18th Street (I think). They're around the corner of each other.

Penang is a chain of restaurants supposedly selling Malaysian food. Truth be told, having eaten there I doubt it's all that Malaysian (yes I know Singaporean and Malaysian food have differences). Penang's decor gives off a very yuppie feel. Chic "oriental" designs; very hoity toity orientalism. The staff is mostly white and the manager was also a caucasian (i have nothing against white meat, I'm just reviewing the place)(ed: let's hope you aren't a closet racist). I order the chicken curry and was sorely disappointed in the fact that it was nothing like how i remembered chicken curry to be. Tak sedap, tak shiok.

Malaysian Kopitiam sits next to a very old and venerable gentleman's club (i.e strip joint, something about Malaysians and strippers)(ed: he's just kidding). The decor is exactly like a cheap chinese place. You know, the lanterns and bamboos, with the gods of wealth, health and the one for lotsa babies (couldn't find a word to rhyme with the other two) around. In other words, crass orientalism. The wait staff is far more animated and absolutely bona fide Southeast Asian. They generally spoke Malay. The boss was also around and the boss family spoke Cantonese. They also joked with the staff. Plus they've been around for a long time. I ordered the chicken curry (I crave curry right now) and lo and behold I got a bowl full of chinese style chicken curry. Not bad, would've passed in Singapore. Also the wait staff kept trying to push the Satay. But I passed, had a bad experience with satay gravy in London once. (think peanut butter)

Oh there's also a Singapore Cafe somewhere near there, but it serves Thai and Japanese food. Which makes no sense. I want my Hainanese Chicken rice and my Roti Prata. Sigh... Now everyone will think Singaporeans are part thai, part jap and part robot (ed: where did that come from?)

Ok off to bed... Night night!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


You know you live in a good neighbourhood when...

1) The Malaysian Embassy is a block from your apartment and the Singaporean embassy is about 5 blocks down. Along with a ton of other embassies.

2) The liquor store in your neighbourhood doesn't have wrought iron grills to protect it's windows.

3) There are no crazy people, beggars or vagabonds in your neighbourhood.

4) Your security guard tells you it's perfectly safe to walk along the street at night.

5) There's a pier 1 import and office depot 2 blocks down, and a Besy Buy a street across.

6) There's a carwash, barber and 2 dry cleaners within a 5 minute walk.

7) On the next major street you have wonerful dining and shopping options.

8) One of the richest neighbourhoods in the city is a 5 minute drive North.

9) Very few police or ambulance sirens at night

10) All your neighbours are extremely polite and quiet (i.e. like HDB blocks, just a little friendlier)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Moving in...

Ouch... My feet hurt and my hands are swollen.

Ikea maybe cheap but assembling an entire house is not fun at all. Plus I don't have internet so I'm using the apartment's free business center for now. So no pics yet. =P

Keep having this incessant urge to mop my floor. I don't know why...

DC is hot, but luckily it rained today. I remember on Sunday it was 110F. Or around 43C. Yes... It was burning hot. And although people here think 80% humidity is humid, my skin is getting dried out... Boo hoo... Need to unpack my body shop body butter (they should pay me for product placement, same with Ikea).

Missing my lady love like nuts... Sigh... Can't wait to be back in Singapore. She's one of the few good things to go back to (unlike the heat or the general populace). Miss my doggy too... Wish I was around to hear the pitter patter of his feet... Sigh

Alright, off to wait for the plumber to fix my sink... =P

Friday, August 12, 2005

A quick post in Japan

I like Stewards. They seem more useful in a plane than stewardesses. Heh... Also they're way more friendly on UA. I remember talking to two of them about Atlanta. Heh...

In Japan. 2 hours to my flight... so bored. Going to get some sushi i suppose. Dunno if they will understand me. Lots of people waiting to use this S$1.50/ 10 minute terminal. SIngapore's is free... heh...

Can't wait to get to the US and call my baby. =)

Take care all

I bid thee farwell good gentle folk

Going... Going... Gone...

How quickly the months have passed me by. I came home a fresh graduate, looking for some Singapore air and dreading the hot sun and crowds (little did this lil wabbit know that a heat wave in the mid 30s would engulf the US East Coast this August).

I entertained my fraternity brothers, all 10 of them, for a week and a half. It was the seniors' last hurrah before we rode into the brave new world of (un)employment.

I also met up with many great singapopo bloggers. Y'all know who you are so no need for me to elaborate and drop names. Heh. (ed: I think you've dropped enough names already)

I did not come home expecting to fall so deeply in love with anyone, but I guess Love conspired with Luck (or Love lost at mahjong against Luck, Love can never beat Luck at gambling) to upset the best laid plans of mice and men. (f**king mice, they're f**king everywhere)

So now I leave my new found friends to return to the US, to a new city and friends I have yet to meet. I also leave my lady love with a sad and heavy heart, but I know that my 2 year sojourn to the US will only prove to the world that my love for this wonderful woman is true.

Take care one and all. Sleep well in this land of lions, while this little bunny heads on to the land of the free. (no free gifts though... Sorry)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

le eh ai si ong or how i grew to love second-hand smoke

WARNING: Mushy Post Alert, read at your own risk. Pregnant mothers, people with heart condition and silly wabbits should consult your physician before consuming.

Parting is such sweet sorrow, or something like that. Who really knows what Billy Shakes-a-spear wrote. But indeed it is. As my time in Singapoop comes to a temporary end, I feel sweet sorrow in having to say fare thee well to my lady love.

The last time I was in a constant smoke filled environment was when my dad and his mahjong kakis used to play all saturday in the attic, where my toys were. That was 1990 I think. The last year they played. The good thing is that when they won big, I would get presents the next time round. =)

Similiarly now the benefits far outwieght the costs. I keep telling my lady love that she needs to take care, because odds are I'm going first. I mean statistically men die a few years earlier (we choose to die earlier to get time off from nagging) and since we're the same age the likelihood of her becoming a widow is higher. Heh... Not to worry I'll get life insurance... =P

It's not easy to find that someone who despite all your obvious flaws and their apparent shortcomings still fulfill each other. My lady love fills in the areas of my life that are lacking, and I hope I do the same for her.

She is my voice of practicality where my dreamy nature cannot comprehend. She is the yin to my yang. She is the reason to my anger, the patience to my haste. She knows how to handle me, as I do her.

The good part is experience I suppose, we both know the traps and pitfalls ahead, and we strive to avoid it. I'm sure this relationship will be an adventure and it's so hard to believe it's been one month. Hopefully I will get to be even mushier after a year. =P

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The System is Down

Well well my lady love decided that she had some questions that will inevitably come up. And for the record I do not have any backup pictures on my external hard disk. =P

Anyway as much as there are question that ineveitably come up when talking about ex-girlfriends, some questions inevitably come to mind when:

(1) Who is the best kisser?

Heh... We'd like to think that we're the best. The wrong answer would be to even hesitate or to look like your in ecstasy when trying to compare.

(2) Am I as good as he was (they were) in bed?

I mean come on, we all know this one will eventually come up. (disclaimer: this does not mean we have had sex) This is the same as the previous one. If you don't hesitate, it means you're just saying it to please us. And you can't just say "you." You have to look us in the eye with lust and say "you" before grabbing us and have a wild passionate make out session (ed: in your dreams)

(3) Do you still love him?

This one comes up especially after one of them calls or you learn that they're still in her life. (disclaimer: this does not refelct my current relationship, just drawing from past experience) I have learnt that women continue to be interested in their ex. Seriously, we always are told that we can't even think about our ex girlfriends, so how come they can continue to be connected to them. Unfair.

(4) How much do you love me?

This one usually comes up when an ex calls her up. Heh... Or as follow up from the previous quesiton when she reassures you that she has no feelings for him. (right... then why all the phone calls and stuff). "Very very much" is the only good answer and should be followed up with a wild passionate make out session. (ed: i think you need a cold shower).

Heh... There are more... As to whether my lady love answers them as I expect, that's for me to know and none of you prying readers to know. Ha ha... take that biatches! Yeah Buddy!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Hungry Hungry Ghosts

The other day I was passing a ge tai on my way back with Mickie D's. And I overheard the strangest song ever. The folks on the ge tai were singing "Home." I'm sure all of you remember that National Day song. I mean it's one of the better ones.

My question is, do singapore ghosts only come back here? Do they go on holiday to Phuket? I suppose they go where the food is. What happens if they have no descendants? Are they all poor then? And won't singing "Home" offend the non-singaporean ghosts? Do ghosts import foreign talent as well? Do their cars need a COE? Is there an underworld PAP? Will they overthrow the Kings of Hell?

I suppose only Chinese ghosts come out? Do Christian ghosts have their own place? While Hindu ghosts do their own thing? Muslim ghosts do their own thing too? Hmmm... The afterlife is quite racist according to the Chinese view of it.

Factory Crashers

Last night I did a two movie marathon with my lady love. It's only my second with cinemas. That last time was 1998 after Prelim exams at Cathay Cineleisure. We started with 4 people and by the 3rd movie there was 2. Heh...

Charlie and the Chocolate factory is amazing. The story deviates quite a bit, but not bad. The ending is a little sloppy and too happy happy joy joy, but Johnny Depp is once again amzing. I mean he stills the show even from the Oompa Loompas and the trained squirrels. No one beats Mr Depp when it comes to making flims. Charlies and the Glass Elevator next?

Wedding Crashers proved to be a rather silly movie in the beginning and then it just runs out in the middles. Especially when love come into it. I mean Anchorman was funny because it never stopped being silly. Or Harold and Kumar. They're funny because they kept sticking to the same theme. The one good thing about Wedding Crashers is that they reveal all the tricks which men use, and not only at weddings. These can be used when visiting another city, or for the more adventerous, in your own city. The key is not to get into a long term relationship. It's for one night stands.

I suppose another good thing is it really highlights the power of a good wingman. I mean Vince Vaughn's character stays on to help Owen Wilson get the girl he wants, despite hating the situation. I mean that's what good wingmen do. We stick it out. We dance with the hideously deformed friend so our buddy can get to the really hot one. Some men are just too selfish, cockblocking their friends throughout the night. Seriously, work in teams. Nature intended it so. Ever notice how most mammals live in groups. And those that do tend to be highly intelligent. Just look out the window, humans work in groups. Even in mating. So give it a try.

As such I have decided to compile a list of Wingman Rules. I will post it someday, maybe... Or I will pass it on to my worthy disciples. You all know who you are... You've learnt at my feet. And now you are spread across the world, applying the things you've learnt.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Something about the fan and shit

So this morning mum came down to bug me while I was vegging out watching TV. She asked me if I was spending my night in the arms of a girl... In my oh so casual fashion I said boy. I think my mum almost died of heart attack [hi mom. stop asking me random questions]. Heh...

This bodes well. I think I should keep playing this up. Wear pink shirts. Tight pants. Watch hunks with my sis. Talk about how my ass hurts all the time. (ed: in no way is the author implying that gays do any of these things) Heh... I think she'll really die if I told her that I was living in a gay district in DC. That would kill her. Which in my opinion fits in well with my plans. [hi mom. I really love you. Don't die anytime soon]

So eventually when I bring a certain girl home (we all know who that is right now), my mom will welcome her with open arms, hug her and kiss her. Heh... So that might be a good strategy. Especially for all you Cantonese boys out there. I know how bitchy your mothers can be. Such mummy's boys. (I have a distinct dislike for the Cantonese, especially the damnable hongkies).(P.S. If you just didn't like what I said, take it up with the Teochew Hui Guan, unless your from HK, then take it up with the Singapore Embassy, at least we're a country) =P

OK off to a nap... Rain is condusive for sleeping.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The truth is out there

Heh... So my lady love has come clean. Yes. It is none other than Finicky Feline. Heh... No surprises... Although alot of you acted surprised the truth is many of you already knew the secret. =P So we never really intended on hiding it, but we never really wanted to blog about it. We're both very private people in that sense.

Yeah so long distance relationships are not easy. I've heard and I guess I've never really experienced one (a month or so doesn't quite count). 2 years is a long time... But I figure about $200 worth of IDD calling cards and skype along with a webcam, MSN messenger and lots of trips home, we'll make it through... We're not the first bloggers to be in love and we won't be the last...

On the flip side for all you readers out there in blogdom, i'll soon be back in the USA and with alot more stories to share. Also I suppose with a blog, my lady love gets to read all about my daily life alongside all of you. Heh... But I suppose she gets the news first. =P

Ok, so there, I guess we've stated the obvious... For those of you who didn't know... You're pretty thick, or you just don't read us both. =P Heh... So now I'm a Marc Anthony to J.Lo... Heh... which isn't too bad I suppose... =D (not complaining since I have one hot girlfriend) (ed: ahem... yes... that is true, but focus on her personality) (truth!)

Alright off to bed. =P

Monday, August 01, 2005

The life and times of Dorian Grey

Nice view

Heh... So I have been romatically linked to FF.

Seriously folks, i'm sure many of you, my loyal minions *ahem* readers, already know exactly who I'm dating. And Mr. Tabloid Times please use a better picture. I look so fat in that one. I also know who could've supplied the pictures... Oh just you wait... Couldn't send a more flattering one. =P Evil useless slaves *ahem* readers. Yes Mr. TT (T.T Durai's new job maybe?) use a better picture. C'mon... my site has so many good ones of me...

Also he missed the forest for the trees. Seriously. You should reveal that I am actually Godzilla's and Ultraman's love child. And I'm also a Zombie hunter who is a Vampire cum Free Mason. I also have alien contacts in both the Delta Quadrant and the Gamma Quadrant. You forgot my anti-unicorn bias and also that I eat baby trolls for breakfast (need the fibre) and I fly a 2005 Black Volongd Dragon. =P Also I am fifth Lord of the Imperial Seal. So there... Horrible reporting on your part.

Ok. So as most of you know I've just gotten back from Phuket. It was nice... So very nice, but I love Koh Samui more. Heh... Still not bad... Got dragged to go to a Go Go show. My lady love has a very curious nature, but curiousity killed the cat. heh... No different from a strip club really. Heh... So instead of telling you more about my trip, i'm just going to rub it in with pictures... yes indeedy... pictures...


View I had all of the time... Mmmmmm... Where's my pina colada?


Other view when vendors came by to bother me.... Mmmmmm... Where's my diaquari?


Sandals taking a break... from the daily grind and grime of singapore.

Visiting Phuket makes me want to go back to Cancun in Mexico. I promised my lady
love that i'd take her to Cancun some time. I love the place. Beautiful. I would argue more beautiful than Samui. Plus they bring in big names to play during spring break. Oh and MTV and Playboy are there. I remember spending the whole night talking to the Playboy sound man. He let me play with the mike too. Cool cool... Must learn spanish.

Nice view 2

So there... Looking forward to more trips with my lady love. Not so looking forward to my trip back to the US to study.