For want of a better title: Crossing the street with both eyes closed

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Crossing the street with both eyes closed

So I wandered unto campus today. Wow... Some getting used to. I mean it's so different from Wash U, but somehow AU is like Wash U.

You know you walk in and you've got these kids in the Quad (I think every school has one) playing Ultimate Frisbee. And they're getting everybody else involved in their game.

You've got the banking representatives creeping everywhere trying to get you to open student Checking with them.

You've got kids moving in with their parents. You know you can tell the upperclassmen from the frosh.

Yeah the kids with the maps and parents in tow... Those are the Frosh. Upperclassmen tend to move in with just themselves and friends.

You've got the I-think-i'm-hotstuff, east coast prep school kids with their popped up collars. You've got the jocks. You've got the beer guzzling fraternity guys. You've got the rich bitches. You've got the overly-sweet-but-secretly-evil sorority girls. The pretentious kids. The i-think-i'm-smarter-than-the-whole-world kids. And me. The graduate student.

Grad students kind of fall into their own little categories too. You've got the show-off law students, the artsy-fartsy drama and dance ones, the uber-nerdy science ones, and then you have all the rest who fall in the middle. Yeah... Being a grad student means you meld into this strange creature. You're equally lost, but not at all. All your undergrad experience from you old school comes in handy, but you're still new and lost. It's kinda like leaving your mama (Alma Mater, geddit? Plebs!) and going to live with your aunt. Same but not same.

I wonder what kind of aunt this is going to be. Books are still as expensive as always. Which is a bitch and a half. (yes. half a bitch... those are the worst kinds... They get you in the nuts, because they're so small),

Funny how you have to pick up all this new lingo. New codewords and new shite. The difference is that you're a grad student. So you don't go through the whole ra-ra (Residential Assistant/Advisor creepily is also RA-RA) phase. Nope... I jump straight into the program. Starting with having to read some crap about ICANN (which really can't but who cares). yup, they rule the internet (sort of, or so they hope). Actually they control the domain names. Yup! All the domain names are belong to them.

Tempted to go in Polo and shorts, but I think I should dress up just in case... And if need be I can dress down if I'm up as opposed to up if I'm down. (If anyone made sense of that send me and email, $5 and a self-addressed stamped envelope)

The bookstore is crappier than Wash U's one. But same prices (thank you efollett you evil evil empire of books) And all the services pale by comparison. Wash U really really takes care of you (or it could be that I'm a grad student). I wonder if my department has graduate happy hour like they do at Wash U (graduate that is, undergrads are underaged and hence cannot be happy for an hour).

Campus is much smaller and all my classes are confined to one building. That's cool. No more running around all over the freaking place. Just one class on Mondays and two on wednesdays... Are the slow stroll at night... Heh... Night classes, I need to TA or RA for a professor before I go nuts with nothing to do. =P

Alright off to shower and hit the sack... I have to be up at 7.30am tomorrow (crazy orientation, I mean what self-respecting grad student would be up before 10?!?)


  • At 8/24/2005 10:54 PM, Blogger FF said…

    I was the aloof sit in the corner and smoke alone kind of undergrad. Woman of mystery mostly. :)


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