For want of a better title: In the Hood

For want of a better title

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

In the Hood

I'd like to address something very near and dear to my heart {hi honey} and it's got nothing to do with my love life (although that is indeed near and dear to my heart) (ed: Yeah. You better say that!)

Anyway I have observed that too many of my young fellow Singaporeans use ghetto slang. HELLO!!! You do not have the right do use ghetto slang. See VH1's new series on race. There's an episode called "Dude, Where's my ghetto pass?" You need a ghetto pass before you start calling everyone nigga. Don't go down that road my fellow chinks. Have you even been to the ghettoes? Most ghetto folk can't wait to get out of the ghetto.

I've been in ghettoes. Never alone mind you and never at dark. I had to go to Fedex which so happens to be in the ghetto in DC and it was dusk (evening for you dumb f**ks) (ed: Be nice now), and I was nervous as hell. I'm as chinky as it gets and I definetely do not have a ghetto pass. I mean most asians are seen as closer to the whites than blacks. Well I guess the bengs and their rice rockets here do sometimes qualify as ghetto positive. (yes surprisingly bengs here listen to hip hop and rap not techno, the geeks listen to techno here... funny). I swear I want to get out of the ghetto as fast as I can. It isn't my world.

I don't think HDB estates count as the projects or the hood. No way. You walk in Toa Payoh at night and you're like, "man it's hot, I need to go home"... You walk in the hood like East St Louis at night... and you're like, "f**k I sure as hell hope i don't see another shoot out or drug deal." We had to pay a crack dealer to stop pushing us crack and give us directions. It wasn't exactly the best time to be had.

So think carefully. Don't just use terms when you don't understand the significance of them. You have to earn you're right to be ghetto-licious. Eminem has it, Timberlake lost his. And trust me if you go to Harlem and start nigga this nigga that, you will end up DEAD!

So spare a thought. If you didn't have to worry about gunshots every day and crack pushers and gangs who would shoot on sight, then don't use those terms. You're not gangsta at all, you're just a wannabe no different that the people who think that because I speak with an accent I'm a poser too. Speak singlish if you must, or good english or whatever accent you have, use slangs that are yours, that you grew up with. Singlish has so many good terms. My black friend was amazed at our codes as well. And I kept it toned down around him.

So please no more nigga and stuff like that... It just ain't cool. Like the guy on the program said "once white people start using it, it just isn't cool anymore."


  • At 8/30/2005 11:05 PM, Blogger A.Ball.of.Yarn said…

    nice post. echoes what i think about the voluntary-slang that people are speaking/writing down these days. a little is fine and fun, but all too often it comes in too-generous doses.

  • At 8/31/2005 12:52 AM, Blogger FF said…

    When I call you my biatch, is that ghetto speak?


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