For want of a better title: The life and times of Dorian Grey

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Monday, August 01, 2005

The life and times of Dorian Grey

Nice view

Heh... So I have been romatically linked to FF.

Seriously folks, i'm sure many of you, my loyal minions *ahem* readers, already know exactly who I'm dating. And Mr. Tabloid Times please use a better picture. I look so fat in that one. I also know who could've supplied the pictures... Oh just you wait... Couldn't send a more flattering one. =P Evil useless slaves *ahem* readers. Yes Mr. TT (T.T Durai's new job maybe?) use a better picture. C'mon... my site has so many good ones of me...

Also he missed the forest for the trees. Seriously. You should reveal that I am actually Godzilla's and Ultraman's love child. And I'm also a Zombie hunter who is a Vampire cum Free Mason. I also have alien contacts in both the Delta Quadrant and the Gamma Quadrant. You forgot my anti-unicorn bias and also that I eat baby trolls for breakfast (need the fibre) and I fly a 2005 Black Volongd Dragon. =P Also I am fifth Lord of the Imperial Seal. So there... Horrible reporting on your part.

Ok. So as most of you know I've just gotten back from Phuket. It was nice... So very nice, but I love Koh Samui more. Heh... Still not bad... Got dragged to go to a Go Go show. My lady love has a very curious nature, but curiousity killed the cat. heh... No different from a strip club really. Heh... So instead of telling you more about my trip, i'm just going to rub it in with pictures... yes indeedy... pictures...


View I had all of the time... Mmmmmm... Where's my pina colada?


Other view when vendors came by to bother me.... Mmmmmm... Where's my diaquari?


Sandals taking a break... from the daily grind and grime of singapore.

Visiting Phuket makes me want to go back to Cancun in Mexico. I promised my lady
love that i'd take her to Cancun some time. I love the place. Beautiful. I would argue more beautiful than Samui. Plus they bring in big names to play during spring break. Oh and MTV and Playboy are there. I remember spending the whole night talking to the Playboy sound man. He let me play with the mike too. Cool cool... Must learn spanish.

Nice view 2

So there... Looking forward to more trips with my lady love. Not so looking forward to my trip back to the US to study.


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