For want of a better title: The System is Down

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The System is Down

Well well my lady love decided that she had some questions that will inevitably come up. And for the record I do not have any backup pictures on my external hard disk. =P

Anyway as much as there are question that ineveitably come up when talking about ex-girlfriends, some questions inevitably come to mind when:

(1) Who is the best kisser?

Heh... We'd like to think that we're the best. The wrong answer would be to even hesitate or to look like your in ecstasy when trying to compare.

(2) Am I as good as he was (they were) in bed?

I mean come on, we all know this one will eventually come up. (disclaimer: this does not mean we have had sex) This is the same as the previous one. If you don't hesitate, it means you're just saying it to please us. And you can't just say "you." You have to look us in the eye with lust and say "you" before grabbing us and have a wild passionate make out session (ed: in your dreams)

(3) Do you still love him?

This one comes up especially after one of them calls or you learn that they're still in her life. (disclaimer: this does not refelct my current relationship, just drawing from past experience) I have learnt that women continue to be interested in their ex. Seriously, we always are told that we can't even think about our ex girlfriends, so how come they can continue to be connected to them. Unfair.

(4) How much do you love me?

This one usually comes up when an ex calls her up. Heh... Or as follow up from the previous quesiton when she reassures you that she has no feelings for him. (right... then why all the phone calls and stuff). "Very very much" is the only good answer and should be followed up with a wild passionate make out session. (ed: i think you need a cold shower).

Heh... There are more... As to whether my lady love answers them as I expect, that's for me to know and none of you prying readers to know. Ha ha... take that biatches! Yeah Buddy!


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