For want of a better title: The Life and Times of a Single Celled Organism

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Friday, September 16, 2005

The Life and Times of a Single Celled Organism

So I've just been wondering something... Do you ever wonder what characters do in between you showing up in RPG games? I suspect their lives are alot like ours...

Mama Ogre: Toikor don't play with your food. Just eat it.
Little Ogre: But Ma...
Mama Ogre: No buts...
Just then the neighbour Mrs. Goblin pops in
Mrs Goblin: Hello Mama Ogre. Can I borrow a cup of bat's wings?
Mama Ogre: Sure thing. Making Bat surprise again Mrs G?
Mrs Goblin: You know how Mr G enjoys it.
Elsewhere in the dungeon
Mr Goblin: I sure as hell wish the damn hero would get here.
Papa Ogre: Yeah. Did I tell you I'm considering moving into Level 65?
Mr Goblin: Nope. With the kid I can see why. I mean the lower levels have a much better education system, and I mean he'll have a higher chances of survival
Papa Ogre: You should consider moving down there too. I mean Level 10 is great and all, but it's no place to raise babies you know. This place is for the young kids, those monsters trying to get a start in life.
Mr Goblin: I hear you. Maybe I should consider moving somewhere around 45, you know how it is. I just don't have that much gold stashed away. What with all these adventurers coming in and taking money. Usually you bring a few gold pieces in your purse and that's it, but now they try to raid our lairs too.
Papa Ogre: Yeah. It's just not so safe nowadays. Shhhh... I think I smell human.
Mr Goblin: Oh it's just the Dungeon Master collecting rent.

You ever wonder what the hell they do before you show up? I mean we go in there in search of fame and fortune, but we really are just theives and brigands robbing them of their homes. I say stop this madness now! Say no to crimes against monsters!

(If you think I'm serious about this, you need to get some serious help with your sense of reality)


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