For want of a better title: No signal

For want of a better title

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Friday, September 02, 2005

No signal

Yay I found one post on Katrina from a Singaporean blogger. And of course Wit and Spit, but we don't count we're in the US.

It's still very sad to see that no one cares about what's going on here. I mean this flood has caused a relocation greater than the Dust Bowl of the 1930s or the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. It's funny how everyone loves to blame bush for this. I mean seriously there's a whole list to blame. How about the city council of New Orleans who knew this would happen but decided to leave it to the feds? How about the State of Louisiana legislature that was also aware that NO was sinking by the year? How about the citizens of NO for not being more interested in their own safety by lobbying for more levees? How about the French for building a city that would sink and was below sea level? How about countless generations of NO folks who wasted the natural protection of the swamps to make way for "progress" and civilisation (same could be said about the tsunami)? How about the early Americans for continuing to build NO out and making it a hub of the South?

My point is that there is no use in pointing fingers. All those politicians who are blaming Bush are just f**king retarded. I love it how they link the US not being on Kyoto Protocol as the reason for Katrina. So I guess all developing nations are to blame as well since they Kyoto protocol does not fully cover them. Oh and the Australians since they sat out of Kyoto as well.

Instead of pointing fingers how about heading down there to help? Or raising money. I love how all these green activists start making noise but forget to get down to saving lives. As these so called "environmentalists" who claim to "love" all things from nature (humans are natural creatures too how about some love), it's the humanists who are mobilising. The Red Cross, the Jewish organisations, the Chrisitian charities and other aid agencies. I can so see it in downtown DC. Some smug green lobbyist telling every congressman he can find about how Bush screwed NO over, while some Red Cross volunteer is trying to raise money for relief. I wonder who really is the one who cares about nature.

So stop blaming everyone but yourself. Let's try to figure out how to help. I've tried emailing several relief agnecies to see if they need temps. You know to handle a larger volume of calls and paperwork. I can't go down to NO because that will just add to the burden down there. And I'm not a trained volunteer. So I doubt I'd be sent, but I can take over duties in the office for another trained volunteer to go.

I think this disaster shows humanity at its worst and best. So much looting, but also alot of loving. I see so many people taking in strangers from NO. Whole communities welcoming them into their cities. They're bringing people up to DC as well. I hope that the folks still stuck in NO will be able to get out asap.

So please my Singaporean bloggers. Blog and let people know. Raise money, tell others. This is disaster that is also a test of humanity.


  • At 9/22/2005 1:45 PM, Blogger zuj said…

    Read ur blog. Great minds think alike !!! *smilez*


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