For want of a better title: January 2006

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Gordian Knot

So the past few weeks have been kind of interesting. I've gotten mail from all these places in Missouri that remind to renew this or that. The DMV sent me a reminder to renew my plates, and AAA Midwest reminded me to update my membership. Of course I have DC tags and an AAA Mid-Atlantic membership. Oh and I had to pay Missouri taxes for a 2005. Silly, ain't it?

I'm still getting mail form like my old address. Which probably belongs to some kid now. Heh... I wonder which kid it is. Most likely a Greek who stays in the Houses. I hope not one fo thsoe SGH or Millbrook kids (for those who do not understand what I said, it's ok, most people don't)(ed: not even you sometimes)

I miss stuff about Saint Louis. Like the places I used to go. Oh and I also miss the friends i've made, but we've all left St Louis (well most of us anyway).

DC is nice, but it's jsut not the same. Saint Louis is like my second home. It took me in and made me feel right at home. For all its flaws it is my home away from home. DC kinda just tolerates me. It probably can't wait to be rid of me. But old Saint Louis is like an old friend who waits expectantly for me. Just ready to welcome me and sit down for a couple of drinks.

And in another year and a half I'll be gone from the US. I don;t know for how long or if i'll ever be back again for a long stay. Hmmm... So strange... Having to do all the end of stay stuff. Closing accounts... Cancelling subscriptions... It will probably feel so strange...

Dog and Pony Show

Ok. So it's still Chinese New Year (goddamn 15 days!) and for me CNY is a time for family [hi mom!]. Kind of like Christmas. You spend time with family (however that is defined)(Ed: you mean like you sitting downstairs and watching tv, and engaging in a whole 15 minutes of conversation with your mum and dad).

So I'm thinking about my past CNY and how there are certain things that are familiar.

(1) Reunion Dinner at home. Mom will cook curry. Last time (4 years ago) she made curry with lowfat milk (nastiest tasting thing ever). I recommend Lite Coconut Milk (available at your nearest Safeway or Whole Foods). It'll just be the family and the friends (family doctor's wife and sis). Then off to bed (or watching Porno for me =P)

(2) Go to maternal grandparents' home in Toa Payoh. Everyone will be there. EVERYONE (except me the past 4 years... and my cousin who's studying law in England). Several things will happen:

(a) My grandfather will insist on giving me an Ang Pow, no matter how I try to hide or run (it's hard in a small 3 room apartment)

(b) Then he will ask "Le chua bo ah?" (You married ah?) Erm... If i got married I'm sure you're invited ah kong. Of course I don't say that. He's hard of hearing. No point.

(c) My aunts will ask if I lost/gained weight.

(d) Then they will proceed to tease my mom (second eldest daughter, no 4 overall) about my non-existent ang mo girlfriend.

(e) I will watch TV and eat curry.

(f) My eldest uncle will tell my mum how proud he is of me. (wierd huh?)

(g) Then my aunt will say how pretty my sis is (make up is an illusion in my opinion)

(h) then my cousins, sis and me may plot to go out.

(i) dad and uncles will tell old jokes that i've heard since 10. But it's always new to someone and to those who didn't quite understand it at 10.

(j) 2nd Uncle will tease two cousins. The 2 he always teases.

(k) then he'll talk about cars with the other men. (i tend to keep quiet and watch tv)

(3) Go to second aunt's home (my dad's second sis). Here too several things will happen:

(a) will get drawn into watching a movie

(b) will have awkward moments when people my age or older call me uncle.

(c) will talk about where I am now and what I am doing.

(d) my mum will wander off to talk to aunts. My dad will wander off to gambling.

(e) eventually i'll get sucked into blackjack or mahjong (everytime I try to get out, THEY KEEP SUCKING ME IN!)

(f) My mum will get bored and want to leave, but my dad will want to stay. In the old days my dad will send my mum home. Nowadays with the advent of two kids who can drive, we'll send mom home. Dad will either call us when he's done, or we'll go back or he'll get someone to send him home (we all live in the East. that's where the good stuff is at)

(4) Eventually i will wander to a Church friend's home. There we will talk. And eventually I will get too drunk on wine and bailey's. That has not happened in 4 years now.

(5) I will meet my old Cat High friends and their SMU friends. Usually coffee. And talking about either Cat High days or Army days. I know no originality, but what else can you talk about? Oh... Well who's sleeping with whom in the group-cest column. It always makes gatherings wierd, but we're a little unconventional that way I suppose. (that's what happens when the entire group gets spread to the four corners of the earth)

Yeah... Just thinking 4 years back. My last CNY in Singapore. Since then while an undergrad CNY has always been with my brothers in the fraternity. They're the closest thing to family i've got here. This is the first CNY entirely alone. I haven't even gone to Chinatown here yet. I suppose I should. =P

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Addicted to Mithril

So I started playing World of Warcraft. I know I know... I caved in. It's actually not that bad. The addiction that is. I can actually tear myself away to watch tv (ed: Arguably bigger addicitons).

It's fun to play with friends who by the magic of undersea cables and cheap connections (thank you dotcom bust) are able to maintain our relationships. It's funny right. I bought the game to stay in contact with old friends. Yup. One servers (Horde) for my fraternity bothers and the other (Alliance) for my Singapore friends (we've been friends for a long time).

Seredipity is still stuck in my head. Heh... Funny ain't it. Now Serenity won't go away either. Which in turns makes me think of Firefly. Which in turn bring up Buffy the Vampire Slayer (no links here, go google it yourself).

So thinking about Serendipity brings up a hot girl. Funny ain't it. =P

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy New Year from this non-Chinese place. =P

Hope the doggy year will treat you much better than the previous non-doggy year (lousy non-doggy year)

Here's a few words from my beloved Bubbles McDoggles (not my idea to name him that), thanks to wonderous technology of undersea cables:
Woof. Woof. Arf. Woof. Arf. Woof. Arf. Awwwwooooo!

Awwwwoooo indeed! Have a good year of the Dog (or at least enjoy the first few days).

Friday, January 27, 2006



adj : being lucky in making unexpected and furtunate discoveries

1. The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.
2. The fact or occurrence of such discoveries.
3. An instance of making such a discovery.

That word is stuck in my head. It's a funny word too. Because in my mind it generates and image of a genie ala I Dream of Genie.

Just something about that word is magical you know. It's like the movie, with the same name. There's just something magical about the word.

It sounds funny too when you actually pronounce it. It also sounds calming. The other image is of serenity. Maybe that's where the word come from. They might share the same roots. Actually i just check... the answer is No. Serendipity come from Persian and Arabic roots, while Serene comes from Latin roots. Still I suppose the close spelling of both words creates an image in my mind of peacefulness.

Furthermore Seredipity comes from a story about 3 princesses. I mean that could be where the image of a genie comes from. (oh yeah... 3 princesses... mmmmm...)

Talking about the movie (Ed: way to go off topic)... That was a good movie. I love John Cusak. Like in High Fidelity (which was my first exposure to Jack Black). Mr Cusak seems to be typecast into such roles, but he does them very well.

The word itself talks about a series of fortunate incidents. I think my life has been a series of fortunate accidents. I have met some fo my best buds through fortunate accidents. I suppose those occurences are fortunate simply because I made good friends from them. Life has seldom thrown me lemons, and even when it has, it just opens up new avenues with which to make lemonade or lemon meringue pie. =P

Why am I blogging about the word? I dunno... It's just keeps popping up for some unexplained reason (ed: like alot of things in your life).

Well off to go get my new disks for World of Warcraft. I can hardly wait to go kick some Alliance butt and encounter Seredipity (what exactly that means is entirely up to your own imagination) (ed: oh behave) [hi mom!].


This is amazing. Totally amazing. I want to go there too and order just that. Who's with me?

Waiting for Peanuts

Anticipation is an interesting feeling. It's one of those things. Where you just keep waiting for something to happen. It's really is a interesting feeling. No matter how much faster you want it to go, it just won't go any faster...

That's anticipation. You sit there and just wait. You know it's coming, but you want it to get here and be over with it. I mean people use that word so much. Like anticipated graduation date and do you anticipate any problems

Anticipation is such a strange place to be. It's like limbo. It's neither good nor is it bad. It's just there...

Well here's to anticipating that I'll wake up tomorrow and exchange the damnable WoW disks. (Ed: no he's not anticipating that)

Yeah Buddy!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Alligator

One more thing... I have been watching the 70s show and I think Laura Prepon is hot. I've come to realise that I actually do like slightly more tom boyish kind of girls. I don't quite know why. I just do. Something so sexy about the hidden femininity.

And lets be honest she was a voice in Halo 2. I mean seriously... That's like bonus points (Ed: you don't even play Halo) (I know but any live girl who does video game voice overs when it's not her movie is hot). Also staring in a movie called the Pronographer is also hot. Ok it's not real porn... still...

Oh well off to be a Tauren. =P

Crafting War

So I caved in and bought World of Warcraft today. I'm going to play it with two sets of friends. One set are my old college friends and I'll play Horde with them. Tauren Druid I think. On the other side I'll be playing Alliance with my Singapore friends. Night Elf Druid. (if you haven't figured this out yet, I'm partial to the druidic class)

So maybe I'll be totally sucked into this game until I get EVE ONLINE. Which will then continue to suck the life out of me. Heh... Ah... The World (of Warcraft) is a Vampire. =P


You likee the title? You better biatch!!

Anyway class today was good. I really like political risk assessment. I figure if I had to sell my soul to corporate life it'd be as a risk analyst. Day in and day out telling everyone how much they should or should not invest in something. Heh... That's a life... Well half-life (mmmm... Counterstrike).

Laundry's piling up, but I really have no mood to wash clothes... Soon I'll have to do the flippy flippy. Heh... I kid (Ed: he is kidding). Oh yeah I've killed the {truth/lie} guy. The f**ker was jsut costing us too much money. So it's just me and Ed for a while... GET USED TO IT!

Man... It's late, but I'm having this great conversation with me, myself and I. It just is too good to end it, so here I am at 2.30am in the morning just blogging. Why you ask? Because I can. You can go suck on it if you disagree!

Ok off to continue my exciting conversation with myself (ed: actually he's talking to someone) (shut up you! you're ruining my rep)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


So about a year ago I had some money in my mutual funds. And today I checked it up and I made US$700 in the last year. That's almost a 10% return on my investment. It's crazy. So much money made. And the market isn't even strong. I think I should put more money in there. =)

Maybe in 30 years I'll have enough for a decent retirement. =P

This is so cool

I know this site has been plugged by some bigger names, but I seriously think this site is cool as hell. So go check it out.

Nothing else is new here... Back to getting work done.


Man... It's 3AM in the morning and I still haven't got done with readings yet. And you know you should stop when your eyes get hazy and your head is a little dizzy. But I still have time to stop by here and leave a few words of how much my class sucks. Luckily I'm taking 2 math related classes, so I can still handle the reading load. Also i will not be travelling every weekend, so there'll be far more time to get those reading done.

So I think Spring Break will be in LA. Staying with my old pal Al. Pity he works in the day, but I think a few other guys are coming with me. We'll rent a car and enjoy the Cali sun. I'm sure we'll figure something out. I don't really know what exactly there is to do in LA. And no... I am not going to Hollywood. Although Disneyland sounds like an idea. Or driving to San Diego to the Zoo sounds like a plan again.

Ok night. My eyes are gone.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Broken Spring

Trying to coordinate people and get a spring break trip going is not the easiest of things. Everyone has a different budget. Worst still everyone has to start getting fit for spring break. It's silly but people do it.

After going through the last two hours trying to find a place, we're still back at zero. Thinking cruises... Or going to the Bahamas. We're not too sure. Or maybe I'll just go down to the Ozarks. Sure it's cold but it's a nice lake. Or stay in DC and be cold.

Cancun sounds good, but some folks on the trip planning committee think that it's too touristy. At some point I just thought I'd go on holiday on my own. Makes it so much easier. Plus maybe I really need the alone time. I just want to get away. Maybe go visit friends around the country. I don't know. Few folks down in Atlanta. Or maybe LA. Who knows.

Class today was interesting to say the least. I thought my professor was more of a preacher than a professor. Heh... But he's good. I have never taken a stats class that's this fun. Never. (Ed: A sample size of two is not a good gauge) Plus I get to learn new software... Mmmmm... New Software.

Two math-related classes really means that i'll be doing tonnes of data collection. Heh... Just like my Army days and my Internship days.

Also in other news, I got elected to the Alumni Board of Directors of my chapter, as Educator Advisor. Heh... So I guess i have something to do for the next 2 years. Alumni... Man... I feel old...

Ok folks... Keep on chugging. And if you're planning spring break around the 9 March 2006 to the 18 march 2006, drop me a line. More people means lower prices. =)

I promise I won't bite.

Monday, January 23, 2006

R and M

This weekend I made a mistake and I lost something that I love very much. It's too late for regrets and hindsight is always 20/20. So where exactly do I go from here?

I suppose you pick up your things, put away the old stuff and keep on moving. At once I am free but also tied down. Many decisions made can now be unmade. Plans can be more flexible. Yet there is also alot that is tied down. We're expected to move on, but sometimes it is hard to do that.

Still this is the road that is chosen. There is little else that I can do. I cannot go back to the way it is. We just carry on as best that we can.

I still love. That cannot change soon. I think it is a waste, but I also understand that it is my fault. Moving on, quitting and cutting loses are definetely a way to do it. I think I tried to hard to hold on. In the end it may still have ended up like this. I don't know, but deep down inside I still feel that there is hope. I cannot say why, but I still carry it in my heart of hearts.

So time to pick up things, and shake the dust off them. Off I go into the big wide world.