For want of a better title: Dog and Pony Show

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dog and Pony Show

Ok. So it's still Chinese New Year (goddamn 15 days!) and for me CNY is a time for family [hi mom!]. Kind of like Christmas. You spend time with family (however that is defined)(Ed: you mean like you sitting downstairs and watching tv, and engaging in a whole 15 minutes of conversation with your mum and dad).

So I'm thinking about my past CNY and how there are certain things that are familiar.

(1) Reunion Dinner at home. Mom will cook curry. Last time (4 years ago) she made curry with lowfat milk (nastiest tasting thing ever). I recommend Lite Coconut Milk (available at your nearest Safeway or Whole Foods). It'll just be the family and the friends (family doctor's wife and sis). Then off to bed (or watching Porno for me =P)

(2) Go to maternal grandparents' home in Toa Payoh. Everyone will be there. EVERYONE (except me the past 4 years... and my cousin who's studying law in England). Several things will happen:

(a) My grandfather will insist on giving me an Ang Pow, no matter how I try to hide or run (it's hard in a small 3 room apartment)

(b) Then he will ask "Le chua bo ah?" (You married ah?) Erm... If i got married I'm sure you're invited ah kong. Of course I don't say that. He's hard of hearing. No point.

(c) My aunts will ask if I lost/gained weight.

(d) Then they will proceed to tease my mom (second eldest daughter, no 4 overall) about my non-existent ang mo girlfriend.

(e) I will watch TV and eat curry.

(f) My eldest uncle will tell my mum how proud he is of me. (wierd huh?)

(g) Then my aunt will say how pretty my sis is (make up is an illusion in my opinion)

(h) then my cousins, sis and me may plot to go out.

(i) dad and uncles will tell old jokes that i've heard since 10. But it's always new to someone and to those who didn't quite understand it at 10.

(j) 2nd Uncle will tease two cousins. The 2 he always teases.

(k) then he'll talk about cars with the other men. (i tend to keep quiet and watch tv)

(3) Go to second aunt's home (my dad's second sis). Here too several things will happen:

(a) will get drawn into watching a movie

(b) will have awkward moments when people my age or older call me uncle.

(c) will talk about where I am now and what I am doing.

(d) my mum will wander off to talk to aunts. My dad will wander off to gambling.

(e) eventually i'll get sucked into blackjack or mahjong (everytime I try to get out, THEY KEEP SUCKING ME IN!)

(f) My mum will get bored and want to leave, but my dad will want to stay. In the old days my dad will send my mum home. Nowadays with the advent of two kids who can drive, we'll send mom home. Dad will either call us when he's done, or we'll go back or he'll get someone to send him home (we all live in the East. that's where the good stuff is at)

(4) Eventually i will wander to a Church friend's home. There we will talk. And eventually I will get too drunk on wine and bailey's. That has not happened in 4 years now.

(5) I will meet my old Cat High friends and their SMU friends. Usually coffee. And talking about either Cat High days or Army days. I know no originality, but what else can you talk about? Oh... Well who's sleeping with whom in the group-cest column. It always makes gatherings wierd, but we're a little unconventional that way I suppose. (that's what happens when the entire group gets spread to the four corners of the earth)

Yeah... Just thinking 4 years back. My last CNY in Singapore. Since then while an undergrad CNY has always been with my brothers in the fraternity. They're the closest thing to family i've got here. This is the first CNY entirely alone. I haven't even gone to Chinatown here yet. I suppose I should. =P


  • At 2/03/2006 10:00 AM, Blogger brendywendy said…

    oh my god!
    4 years?
    that's a long time man.
    i am sure you miss it even though you are moaning about it being 15days long and all the things that keep repeating themselves repetitively.

    Happy New Year!
    (if you don't want ah kong's ang pau can gimme! *grinz*)


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