For want of a better title: Readings

For want of a better title

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Man... It's 3AM in the morning and I still haven't got done with readings yet. And you know you should stop when your eyes get hazy and your head is a little dizzy. But I still have time to stop by here and leave a few words of how much my class sucks. Luckily I'm taking 2 math related classes, so I can still handle the reading load. Also i will not be travelling every weekend, so there'll be far more time to get those reading done.

So I think Spring Break will be in LA. Staying with my old pal Al. Pity he works in the day, but I think a few other guys are coming with me. We'll rent a car and enjoy the Cali sun. I'm sure we'll figure something out. I don't really know what exactly there is to do in LA. And no... I am not going to Hollywood. Although Disneyland sounds like an idea. Or driving to San Diego to the Zoo sounds like a plan again.

Ok night. My eyes are gone.


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